Thursday, January 22, 2015

Public Service Announcement

Gabriel Garcia Marquez did not write ``Reglas para la vida''. NO lo escribio.

In 2001, he disowned a similar text attributed to him by saying:
 "Lo que realmente me puede matar es la verg├╝enza de que alguien me crea capaz de haber escrito un texto tan cursi."

"What can really kill me is the shame that anyone would think that I can wrote something so corny."

That said, he actually apologized to the real author for this statement:

Now that he's dead, he cannot disown this new text as easily. Some sites published it to commemorate his death.

Google, dismayingly enough, does not produce any results that make it clear that he did not write it. All the top results are wrong.
I'm confused. Why would "American Sniper" not include why its main character ended up dead?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

If Obama ever says that he likes puppies, the Republicans, led by Newt Gingrich, will be asking, outraged, "why does he hate cats?"
Trouble getting your wireless-enabled LG Network Blu-Ray DVD player to connect to your wireless network?

Using the router configuration, try assigning it a fixed IP address, based on its MAC address. This is what finally worked for me. This was not required when using the wired (ethernet) alternative.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

What would they be saying?

The more partisan Republicans are finding ways to complain even about Obama's success in ridding the world of Osama bin Laden.

What would they say if...
  • Obama had lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College with a partial recount?
  • 9/11 had ocurred under Obama's watch?
  • Obama invaded the wrong country, and done it badly?
  • The entire financial system had collapsed under his watch?
  • Obama had abrogated Habeas Corpus and introduced "enhanced interrogation techniques" never before considered legal in the US?
This, just among a few other things.

Instead, the President who rescues the economy, passes a Conservative version of universal health are, rescues General Motors, and gets bin Laden is labeled a "marxist".

Yes we can... be happy that Osama is gone

Before it gets too stale, a quick note, reacting to the (mostly liberal) scolds who can't tolerate a celebration.

Even though I am against the death penalty, I recognize that there are people who deserve it. (I just think that very fallible governments should not be deciding how to apply it, and in any case, life in prison is a good alternative that can be reversed if an error was made).

Among the people who do deserve the death penalty, there's a further select few whose death can be celebrated, simply because it has the potential to prevent so much future suffering. Among these Kony, Escobar, and Bin Laden.

So I celebrate not so much his death, but the fact that he won't spend the next 20 years causing the trouble he caused for the last 20.

The fact that bin Laden killed 3,000 Americans on US soil and lived 10 more years to tell the tale adds further pressure to the bottled-up emotions. It was an embarrasment that he was still around.

Steven Colbert might have said it best: "I hope I am never again this happy over someone's death."

It's OK. We don't all have to be Ghandi or the Dalai Lama.

I always thought this fake Mark Twain quote was dubious: "I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure". Twain was an honest writer, and probably did wish someone dead at some point in his life.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Paying their fair share

There's a piece of sophistry that has been popular in the blog comments lately, and has now percolated up to the opinion pages of the New York Times, in the form of Ross Douhat's column today.

The argument seems to be that since taxing the rich at 100% won't eliminate the deficit, then for some reason the rich should not have their taxes raised at all.

People: Just because it won't solve the entire problem, but only a part of it, doesn't mean it shouldn't be done!!!

This tax day, I'm hearing about Wall Street millionaires who pay a tax rate that is literally 20 to 30 times lower than what working folks pay. Is that shared sacrifice?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Musical break

A beautiful song that I was lucky enough to hear live:

If the "Acoustic Africa" tour comes close to you, it is *highly* recommended.

Quote of the Day

From Joe Klein:

"This is my 10th presidential campaign, Lord help me. I have never before seen such a bunch of vile, desperate-to-please, shameless, embarrassing losers coagulated under a single party's banner. They are the most compelling argument I've seen against American exceptionalism. Even Tim Pawlenty, a decent governor, can't let a day go by without some bilious nonsense escaping his lizard brain."

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Double standards

So let me get this right... the NPR CEO quits, because someone who worked under her said some not-so-nice generalizations about "Tea-Partiers", a subset of the right-wing in the US, in a private conversation recorded surrepticiously by a convicted felon, whose team was mis-representing itself.

On the other hand, FOX News' pundits say equal or worse things about "Liberals" as a whole, ON THE AIR, all the time, and get paid for it! And what the NPR guy said about the tea party (that they are "racist"), the FOX News guys get to say about the President of the United States.

I am wondering what we would hear if we taped the private conversations of FOX News executives... or those of any other large organization, at that.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Governor's quest for "flexibility"

In their quest for "flexibility" in dealing with the State budget, the Republican Wisconsin governor and the Republican-controlled senate passed a new law requiring a two-thirds supermajority, or a referendum, for raising taxes.

Wow, that's really flexible!

As has been pointed out, such governors are described by the media as "attacking yawning budget deficits by facing down public employees and promising not to raise taxes," which makes as much sense as describing them as "fighting the deficit by promising not to cut spending".